Anthony’s story

CHAC helps a single man, homeless due to relationship breakdown, find new accommodation through a basic referral

Whilst undertaking outreach in Herne Bay we met Anthony, aged 30, who was homeless due to relationship breakdown. Anthony was avoiding rough sleeping by sofa surfing with friends but was rapidly running out of places to stay. He was not in priority need, so Canterbury City Council did not have a duty to house him. We referred Anthony to Canterbury Local Link, a local accommodation project. He was interviewed and accepted and moved into a room in a shared house with them in Herne Bay six days later.


The Council must provide housing to some, known as those with ‘priority need’, while those who are not within this category they do not. Those included in the category are people with children under 16 (or under 19 who can’t support themselves), those who are pregnant, and some care leavers. Those classed as ‘vulnerable’ are not automatically in priority need – it is in the discretion of the Council applying factors such as extent of any disability and ability to cope with homelessness.
— Paul Wilkinson, manager