Mr and Mrs Johnston’s story

CHAC helps prevent homelessness of family evicted from private rented accommodation

Mr and Mrs Johnston, who have with two young children, were renting a three bedroom flat on an assured shorthold tenancy for £750 a month. Mr Johnston worked full time and Mrs Johnston was a full-time mother. Their landlady wanted to increase the rent to much higher than they could not afford and they could not find alternative, affordable private rented accommodation. Their landlady applied to court to evict them, and the law is such that the court had no option but to evict them and to order them to pay their landlady’s legal costs of over £400. CHAC helped Mr and Mrs Johnston make a successful homelessness application to the Council who housed them temporarily in one of the Council’s hostels. After this the Council moved them to permanent accommodation not too far from Mr Johnston’s work and the children’s school.

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