Ms Crowther’s story

CHAC helps find alternative accommodation in Whitstable and provides additional support for rent

 Ms Crowther, aged 50, was receiving Employment & Support Allowance of £70 per week. She was a joint assured shorthold tenant of a house with Bert. Their landlord was evicting them because they could no longer afford the rent as Bert had become unemployed. While we helped Ms Crowther receive housing benefit and clear her rent arrears, she found alternative accommodation and was able to move out before the Notice Requiring Possession ended and so incurred no legal costs relating to possession proceedings.

It is increasingly difficult to find private rented accommodation if you are receiving any form of benefits. In the past landlords and estate agents were sceptical of certain benefits; increasingly landlords and estate agents apply a simplified rule against any benefits claimants, making it very difficult for many to rent privately.
— Paul Wilkinson, manager

Whilst undertaking outreach in Whitstable we saw Ms Crowther again. Unfortunately, she had moved into accommodation with a resident landlady where things went badly wrong due to a complete breakdown in relations. Her resident landlady gave her a Notice to Quit of one month.

Ms Crowther asked CHAC if we could help her to find alternative accommodation in Whitstable which would take people on benefits. CHAC helped find Ms Crowther a flat share in Whitstable, which would take people on benefits, with three other tenants. A deposit and one month’s rent in advance was required, which we provided through our Deposit Bond and Rent in Advance schemes. Once again we helped her to claim and get housing benefit.

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