Swishing for CHAC!

A ‘swishing’ fundraiser has raised £142.35 for CHAC!

Yes, ‘swishing’ is a thing - even if it hasn’t yet made it into the OED, swishing is a clothes-swapping party. No, not swapping clothes one is wearing, but swapping clothes (and accessories) that one no longer wears or have outgrown but are still in good condition. It’s a fun way of raising money for charity and getting yourself a new look for the summer. And we’re very happy that the Osyter WI (Whitstable) ‘swished’ (also not yet in the OED) on the 21st June to raise funds for CHAC. Maryce Lane, organiser of the ‘swish’, told us:

It was a very well attended event with 20 ladies all trying on each other’s cast-off clothes and ‘bouncing off’ each other as to how nice they looked! As we had bags, jewellery, scarves and hats there were whole outfits assembled!!

Sadly no photos were available! Many thanks to Maryce for organising the event, the Oyster WI and all those who took part for raising £142.35.