TeamCHAC is taking part in the London Legal Walk, 17 June 2019 - please sponsor us!

TeamCHAC will be taking part in the London Legal Support Trust (LLST) annual fundraising event on the 17 June, the London Legal Walk. In 2018 13,000 people took part in the 10km walk around London, beginning in the legal district, raising a record breaking £830,000 for charitable legal advice services.


Leading figures in the legal sector lead the walk, including Lord Burnett (Lord Chief Justice), Lady Hale (President of the Supreme Court), Sir Terrence Etherton (Master of the Rolls), Geoffrey Cox QC MP (Attorney General), Lucy Frazer QC MP (Solicitor General) and many other current and former judges. They are followed by many involved in the delivery of legal services, including many from the leading law firms and chambers across the country, as well as organisations that benefit from LLST’s generosity - including TeamCHAC.

CHAC manager Paul Wilkinson will be joined by trustees Viv Gambling, Nick Jackson, Tessa O’Sullivan and Nick Piska for the walk.

The London Legal Support Trust provides hope for advice centres such as Canterbury Housing Advice Centre at a time when legal aid has been cut and core funding for advice services is difficult to secure. Without the funding provided by LLST CHAC would be unable to provide help to many of the people who come to us for housing advice.

Nick Piska, Chair of CHAC

While law firms are raising money for the LLST, which is distributed to the various advice and pro bono centres LLST support, as CHAC is an organisation supported by LLST all donations to TeamCHAC will go to CHAC. Please support TeamCHAC here:

The London Legal Support Trust is an independent charity that raises funds for free legal services in London and the South East. CHAC is proud to be a LLST Centre of Excellence and is grateful to the LLST for the generous contribution it makes to CHAC’s core funding, helping to maintain free and confidential housing advice in the Canterbury District.